Dr. Daniel Lyons CChem MRSC, PI
was awarded his PhD degree from the National University of Ireland on the creation of nanoscale lanthanide oxides. Following work in Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa), in Infineon Technologies AG (Villach, Austria) and a postdoctoral fellowship on the development of new nanoscale materials at University College Cork he took up a research post in the Ruđer Bošković Institute. His research presently focuses on the fate of nanoparticles among various trophic levels in the marine environment, toxicity of nanomaterials and the development of nanoparticle-based biosensors for marine toxins.
email: lyons@irb.hr

Dr. Željko Jakšić
As a graduate in food technology and biochemical engineering, he served as head of the laboratory for food quality control in the Public Health Institute of the Istrian Region (Croatia), subsequently accepting a research position at RBI focusing on the induction and characterization of detoxification enzymes in marine invertebrates and fish, specific enzyme activity, mRNA expression and the influence of genotoxic xenobiotics and programmed cell death mechanisms. He currently works on the development of novel immunoassays and analytical biochemical techniques for DNA integrity determination.
email: jaksic@cim.irb.hr

Dr. Vesna Svetličić
is an established senior scientist with internationally recognized expertise in the area of supramolecular organisation and self-assembly of organic materials in aqueous environments, electrochemical sensors and characterization of new materials and nanostructures. She introduced atomic force microscopy (AFM) into the scientific community in Croatia and established the AFM facility at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. Her recent scientific activity and achievements are at the interface of marine science, biophysics and material science.
email: svetlicic@irb.hr

Dr. Leo Frkanec
is a graduate of the University of Zagreb with extensive experience in molecular recognition and the design and chemical synthesis of artificial ionophores and molecular receptors (aza-crown ethers and calixarene derivatives) for small natural products (e.g. amino acids); total synthesis of natural siderophores (microbial iron chelators) and cyclodextrin-based vesicles for drug delivery. Current research topics includes organogelators, self-assemblies, supramolecular gel formation by small organic molecules and photoinduced gelation.
email: frkanec@irb.hr

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Whats NEW?
21 March 2013  Venice
Participation at the ITS-NANO Workshop

03 March 2013  Sorrento
Participation at the 3rd International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid & Nanomaterials

14 November 2012  Cork
Participation at the Marine Microbiology & Biotechnology 2012 Conference

02 October 2012  Primošten
Participation at CROTOX - 4th Croatian Congress of Toxicology

18 June 2012  Varese
Participation at the 8th NanoBio Europe Conference

07 May 2012  Bucharest
Participation at the Advanced Microscopy Techniques training school

19 April 2012  Zagreb
Invited presentation to the delegation and Science Ambassador of the French President

13 April 2012  New York
Participation in New Techniques and Methods in Single Molecule AFM training

27 February 2012  Rovinj
Workshop "Theory meets experiment in the study of biomolecules" held

14 February 2012  Zagreb
Accreditation for working with ionizing radiation

26 January 2012  Zagreb
Winner L'Oreal Women in Science award
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