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These materials are based on work financed by the National Foundation for Science,
      Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia.
Whats NEW?
21 March 2013  Venice
Participation at the ITS-NANO Workshop

03 March 2013  Sorrento
Participation at the 3rd International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid & Nanomaterials

14 November 2012  Cork
Participation at the Marine Microbiology & Biotechnology 2012 Conference

02 October 2012  Primošten
Participation at CROTOX - 4th Croatian Congress of Toxicology

18 June 2012  Varese
Participation at the 8th NanoBio Europe Conference

07 May 2012  Bucharest
Participation at the Advanced Microscopy Techniques training school

19 April 2012  Zagreb
Invited presentation to the delegation and Science Ambassador of the French President

13 April 2012  New York
Participation in New Techniques and Methods in Single Molecule AFM training

27 February 2012  Rovinj
Workshop "Theory meets experiment in the study of biomolecules" held

14 February 2012  Zagreb
Accreditation for working with ionizing radiation

26 January 2012  Zagreb
Winner L'Oreal Women in Science award
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Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia.
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Atomic force microscope images of islands of functionalized gold nanoparticles on mica
Older News

10 May 2011  Milano
Invited participation at the Joint JRC Nano Event & ENPRA Stakeholders Workshop

07 Mar 2011  Zagreb
Representative for departmental evaluations of the Ruđer Bošković Institute

26 Jan 2011  Zagreb
Invitated participation in designing a Ruđer Bošković National Institute for Marine Research

30 Nov 2010  Ispra
Invited presentation of the Ruđer Bošković Institute

04 Nov 2010  Zagreb
Invited lecture under the auspices of the Croatian Chemical Society

19 Sep 2010  Dubrovnik
Invitation to the Adriatic School on Nanoscience - ASON-1
L'Oreal Adria and the Croatian Commission for UNESCO, for the sixth consecutive year, have presented awards to the most successful young female scientists in the field of natural sciences and who are in their final stages of preparing a doctoral dissertation. Among the winners of the "Women in Science" competition this year was Galja Pletikapić of the Laboratory for Bioelectrochemistry and Surface Imaging; January 2012

Interview on Nanotechnology by Jutarnji List (Croatian national newspaper); September 2011

The high level French delegation led by Professor Catherine Brechignac,  the Ambassador of the French President for Science, Technology and Innovation, were given several presentations on RBI competitive research in the areas of marine and environmental sciences with a view to integrating Croatia in a new pan-Mediterranean marine initiative; April 2012
Presentation by Ms. Petra Burić of the latest research results at the 4th Croatian Congress of Toxicology; October 2012
Poster contribution on the use of nanoparticles for marine toxin detection by Mr. Filip Stipić and Dr. Željko Jakšić at the 8th NanoBio Europe Conference; June 2012
Workshop, held in the RBI Center for Marine Research (Rovinj) and with international participation, focusing on the bringing together of theory and experiment in the spectroscopic study of biomolecules; February 2012

Presentation by Dr. Željko Jakšić and Dr. Daniel Lyons at the Marine Microbiology and Bioremediation 2012 Conference; November 2012
Team members participation at the ITS-NANO workshop; March 2013