Galja Pletikapić
is a research assistent at the Ruđer Bošković Institute since 2009. She graduated in the field of biotechnology and biochemistry and is currently working towards her PhD in Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies in Oceanology. She uses AFM as a principle research tool in her current work in the field of marine biophysics and characterization of nanostructures. In parallel with her doctoral studies, she has attended the International School of Biophysics, AFM training on biological samples and participated in conferences pertaining to the application of AFM in biology, biomedicine and single molecule research.

Filip Stipić
graduated with a Masters Degree in chemistry from the University of Zagreb and has worked as a researcher at the Ruđer Bošković Institute since 2010. He is currently working towards his PhD in physical chemistry based on research at the interface of molecular biology, materials science and chemistry. This research encompasses work on the photophysics of functionalized nanoparticles as key components in novel biosensors, the synthesis of short-chain passivating ligands for nanoparticles and the application of molecular recognition of biomacro-molecules in new biosensing techniques.

Petra Burić
joined the Ruđer Bošković Institute in 2011 as a doctoral researcher after graduating from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb with a Masters Degree in molecular biotechnology. Her current interests are focused both towards the design and fabrication of nanoscale materials and developing strategies for their subsequent bio-functionalization for novel technological applications such as biosensors. Her further interests include investigating and understanding the fate of nanoscale materials in the environment and their toxicological impact on living organisms.

Lara Štajner
is a Masters graduate of the Department of Chemistry of the Science Faculty at the University of Zagreb. Her work is aimed towards the use of novel polymer and surfactant assemblies in the preparation of mesoporous materials, thin films and stabilized colloidal systems. She is also working in the area of supercritical fluids and their application for a bottom-up approach to building tailored nanostructures. She also conducts research on the isolation of engineered nanomaterials from a variety of complex environmental matrices and their subsequent physico-chemical characterisation.
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Whats NEW?
21 March 2013  Venice
Participation at the ITS-NANO Workshop

03 March 2013  Sorrento
Participation at the 3rd International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid & Nanomaterials

14 November 2012  Cork
Participation at the Marine Microbiology & Biotechnology 2012 Conference

02 October 2012  Primošten
Participation at CROTOX - 4th Croatian Congress of Toxicology

18 June 2012  Varese
Participation at the 8th NanoBio Europe Conference

07 May 2012  Bucharest
Participation at the Advanced Microscopy Techniques training school

19 April 2012  Zagreb
Invited presentation to the delegation and Science Ambassador of the French President

13 April 2012  New York
Participation in New Techniques and Methods in Single Molecule AFM training

27 February 2012  Rovinj
Workshop "Theory meets experiment in the study of biomolecules" held

14 February 2012  Zagreb
Accreditation for working with ionizing radiation

26 January 2012  Zagreb
Winner L'Oreal Women in Science award
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